Not By Hands is the blog of multiple authors with many different perspectives, tied together by a few common threads. For starters, we all believe that the world is in bad shape. Christians and non-Christians alike have allowed greed, selfishness, and poor planning to turn Earth into a disaster zone of poverty, hunger, inequality, corruption, and injustice.

We believe that God loves the world – all of it – and that the way of Jesus speaks to how these problems can be solved and avoided. Our understanding of the Gospel is not the american republican message preached from conservative pulpits, nor is it the liberal postmodern counter-message offered as the solution. It is the message that the Kingdom of God is here, among and within us, ready for us to forsake the kingdom of the world and embrace it fully.

Beyond that, you’ll just have to read our posts to find out more. You may disagree with us, and we may disagree with each other from time to time. But this blog is about unity, not division. We have to work, pray, hope, and live as One if we are to make any real change in the world and build the Kingdom.

For reference, we’ll be using a few major tags to categorize our posts. Many posts will be tagged more than once because they cover multiple categories.

Faith – Faith, hope, belief, doctrine; the more personal side of the walk.
– Positivity; episodes where the way of Love prevails over the world’s mantra of hatred.
Peace – Nonviolence and alternatives to violence.
– The communal aspect of the walk. Events or episodes demonstrating or calling for the unity of the body of Christ.
– Living out our faith instead of just blogging about it.
– Bible stories, Bible studies, encouraging or enlightening verses.
– of the government, of culture, of a misguided individual, etc.
Culture – Discussion of the modern system of indoctrination and the impact it has on us and those around us.
Struggle – Personal or communal doubt, distress, or despair. Episodes where the way of Love has not prevailed, in the world, in the community, or in our own lives.

Older posts will also be tagged SoP – short for Sword of Peace, our previous blog name. There’s some good stuff in there, so we didn’t want to get rid of it entirely, but we did want to distinguish it from our new incarnation.

Thanks for reading! Please contribute to the discussions. Contact us if you’d like to be an author, either as a one-time or occasional guest, or as a regular contributor.


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