It’s Sunday night (actually, it’s early monday morning, but practically it’s still sunday for me). I’ve been to church today. Twice. I go to a medium-sized baptist church in the morning and a very small mennonite church at night. I like different aspects about both, and I like church, so I have committed to attending both in my stay down here in Chapel Hill (and taken some flak for that, strangely).

Sunday is the day most Christians regard as the Sabbath, the day most Christians go to church however many times they feel led, and the day most Christians feel closest to God. I am horrible at remembering to do quiet time daily, but I do always remember to consciously skip it on Sundays, because I went to church, so that counts as spending time with God.

Tonight, I felt like doing quiet time before going to bed. Unlike most weekdays, I actually felt like it. But then it hit me…it’s Sunday! Why do I need quiet time? That’s when I realized…for all the hours I spent sitting a pews today, I don’t think I felt God’s presence. Not once. I spent time with his followers, but I didn’t spend any time with Him.

Is that my fault? Is it my attitude that precludes the Holy Spirit from moving me into true worship? Is it my decision to plot out the quickest route to Waffle House or to text Google to find out how the Cowboys are doing that keeps me from noticing God is right there?

…or is He?

All us “emergents” and “Jesus radicals” and what-have-you realize that “church” is not what the Church is supposed to be…but I think what I’m feeling here is different. The Church is a unified body of believers, with no denominational distinction, serving God and serving one another and showing God’s love to all. That’s the big-C Church. But what’s church? What’s it for? Big-C Church happens every day, every moment. Why do we feel compelled to put up with little-c church that more often seems like an obstacle in our day than a welcome worship experience with the God of our salvation?

Unlike most of my posts, I don’t purport to know the answer to this one. Or if I do, I’m just too tired (and congested) to write it. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged.